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222nm Far-UVC Germicidal Professional

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World's Smallest Far-UVC Sterilizer



​Far-UVC Excimer Lamp

Standard Far-UVC germicidal lamp with ​​approx. 200 ft² coverage. M1 can be installed on ceiling with wall mount or with tripod for extra mobility. It's easy to install and perfect for temporary events like lectures or gatherings.

Applicable areas:
restaurants, school classrooms, temporary banquets, exhibitions, company entrances, etc.

$ HKD 13500

Human Safe UV Disinfection

222nm Far-UVC is a safe UV spectrum that extremely effective at disabling pathogens in the air and on surfaces.  It does not penetrate our dead skin layers and the tear layer of our eyes, it’s safe for use in human-occupied areas with proven scientific reports from numerous renowned medical universities and authoritative medical journals.

99.9% Coronavirus are killed within few seconds

Far-UVC inactivates coronavirus 1
Far-UVC inactivates coronavirus 2
Far-UVC inactivates coronavirus 3
*Result from Far-UVC light (222nm) efficiently and safely insactivates airborne human coronavirus
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Human Safe UV Disinfection
Venue disinfection
Personal protection
Infection control