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What's the difference between UVC and Far-UVC?


"Very good. I feel very safe."

Ever since getting X ONE beside, I have immediately developed the habit of switching it on whenever dining outside with no mask on. I shared my user experience with one colleague in the piano school. Thereafter, I have helped to get more X ONEs for friends around as a proof for extra protection.

A Ng, Piano Teacher

“I like the design. The Far-UVC 222 light coming directly from the device is kind of mesmerizing. I really like it.”

I encouraged the designer of X ONE to continue in the creative world and aspire excellence in the design profession.

H Steiner, Graphic Design Doyen

"I was so pleased to have X ONE with me"

My mom and daughter were the first two to use the device the very next day for Yum Cha. They took off their masks and enjoyed the dim sums with peace of mind. From the very first moment, my priority was to protect my family, and X ONE does just that. I have linked X ONE with safety, protection, and prevention in mind, and my top priority is always my family's well-being. Since I have X ONE, I feel more comfortable taking my family out to dine.

H Chung, Marketing Professional

"I continue to use the device with confidence that it protects me from potential virus infections."

Without realising, I got infected while on board a domestic flight from Bangkok to Phuket to meet my husband and 2 couples upon arrival. The fact of contracting the virus was obvious as I sat right next to an irresponsible man who coughed seriously non-stop from the time he stepped on board. We, as a group, vacationed for 5 days before I found out I was PCR test positive. To my surprise, these 5 people with me all emerged well without being infected. I felt exact comfort and relief. The reason is quite obvious. My husband and I brought along our X ONEs and shared with the group all along the trip. X ONE is the extra protection”.

C So, Psychotherapist

“I’m thankful that I didn’t contract COVID. I will continue to let people know of X ONE for their safety and protection”

I started to use X ONE immediately after receiving it as a birthday gift from my dear friend. I have been safely protected since then. When I knew of my sister’s contraction of the virus, I sent my X ONE to her for quarantine at home. She recovered sooner and returned the device. From now on, I must keep X ONE being with me

B Chick, Jewellery Designer


 We strongly believe that the X ONE will benefit us during the anti-COVID era. 

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