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    Price HK$1,888.00 Quick View M1 Pro Price HK$14,000.00 Quick View M1 Price HK$9,980.00 Quick View 3x ecodis SENSITIVE package(225ppm) Price HK$499.00 Quick View ecodis MED (300ppm) Price HK$255.00 Quick View ecodis SENSITIVE (225ppm) Price HK$205.00 Quick View ecodis PRO (90ppm) Price HK$165.00 Quick View AIRIE Package Regular Price HK$2,999.00 Sale Price HK$2,449.00 Quick View Ecodis Bundle 1x(L) 1x(S) Price HK$299.00 Quick View Ecodis Family Pack 2x(L) + 4x(S) Price HK$799.00

  • Ecodis | Germany No.1 chlorine disinfectant - by ERGO-HealthTech

    More about ecodis Shop now Next generation sterilising solution Cl Active chlorine can quickly kill microbial But with ecodis stabilization technology, it can remains effective and non-toxic for at least one year Ecodis has doubled the sterilization performance of hypochlorous acid at the same concentration. Secret formulation achieved by professional ecodis is recognised as the best chlorine disinfectant in On the contrary, ecodis could sooth allergy skins, and doesn't hurt when apply on wound.

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    Get In Touch Interested products ERGO222 FUV germicidal lamp Ecodis disinfection spray AIRIE UVC+H13 solution, smart disinfection control system and Germany hygiene institution certified disinfectant "ecodis

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