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Most advanced disinfection solution


Safely eliminate all the harmful microbes around you

Facial Recognition Thermometer

The heat-signature detector with facial recognition function is able to record the body temperature whenever a visitor approaches, thus helping to identify and alert immediately if someone has fever.

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Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Before getting into the germicidal channel, an auto hand sanitizer is available for visitors to cleanse their hands with a food-grade washing-free disinfectant, therefore it will not make your hand dry and rough like alcohol-based sanitizer.

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Full Body Disinfectant Spray

Vaporized ecodis continuously emit from top of the channel to provide all-rounded body disinfection, the substance being used here is colorless and has been certified by SGS that it can achieve 99.99% sterilisation and harmless to human health.


Germicidal Far-UVC

3x Far-UVC light irradiating from the left, right side and above, it can safely eliminate all the microorganisms in their most fundamental form, by destroying its DNA & RNA structure without any damage to our body.

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4-in-1 germicidal aisle designed for controlling the spread of viruses especially in places with large people flow, such as airports, schools, hotels and hospitals etc. 


Don't let those little bad things follow you

  • 65% more efficient than other similar products.

  • SGS certificated disinfection tool

  • 100% Human-safe 222nm Far-UVC light.

  • Able to kill any common virus and bacteria including COVID-19.

  • Easy to operate and maintenance.

Disinfection Channel Feature

It adopts a food-grade washing-free disinfectant with such advantages as long-acting time, fully effective sterilization, being free of odors and being harmless to the human body, the sterilization rate of which can be up to 99.99% in accordance with the test result of SGS. “Physical Forest” disinfectant and German”ecodis” disinfectant are recommended for use.

Food-grade Washing-free Disinfectant



We have well-considered the mist outlet inside the disinfection channel, a low angle of spray angle is designed, so as to avoid discomfort caused by spraying the mist on the human face directly.

Spray from Low Angle of Attack Avoid 
Stimulating Human Facial Organs

The equipment is equipped with a microwave sensor that can sense moving objects. When entry of people is detected, the mist generator is started automatically to spray atomized disinfectant into the disinfection channel.

Automatic Induction Spraying Function

When designing the equipment, using scenes have been taken into consideration. The channel is equipped with LED lamps with lighting function, so it is convenient to use the equipment at night or in dark environment.

Lighting Function in the Channel


It adopts high-accuracy thermal imaging temperature
sensor, thus realizing the non-contact measurement of body temperature quickly and reliably, effectively avoiding cross-infection, collecting body temperature in real-time, and extracting peak value to compare with outputting signal light and beep prompt. The data is collected in the background.

Utilising Infrared Thermal Imaging Technique

It is equipped with a 15L ultra-large capacity liquid tank,

thus being able to rehydrate the atomization tank automatically, decrease the workload of operators and be used for more than one day without replenishing disinfectant.


Automatic Rehydration Function

The equipment adopts an alternating current of 220V,
and its power consumption is less than 1000W (if this
product is used in other countries outside China, users
can match it to corresponding electrical components in
the light of local mains voltage). It is easy to install,
deploy, operate, learn and use the equipment, and the
disinfectant can be filled and emptied easily.

Characteristic of Quick Deployment


Germicidal 222nm Far-UVC

  • The UV light that doesn't burn your skin and eyes

  • Does not produce ozone

  • Effective in killing harmful microbes

  • 6000+ hours lifespan

ERGO222 Module 03-03_edited.png
New breakthrough in UV germicidal 

The conventional UV germicidal solution is using UVC (254nm) to kill bacteria and viruses. However, it can give you sunburn and damage your vision in just a few sec, that's why a better alternative Far-UVC (222nm)has been discovered. and it claims to be even more suitable for disinfect populated area because of its wide applicability.

Groundbreaking technology

Built to fully sterilize anyone that passes through

We all see how big is the damage being made by the coronavirus, and it's not gonna stop itself if we don't make some change. Conventional sterilising solution has a very crucial blind spot, most of it cannot kill airborne microbes, although few of it does, it takes too long to reach the safety level.

The germicidal AISLE is combined with the most advanced disinfection technology nowadays, to make sure each individual will have less than 0.1% of microbes carried into the applied area, we can provide a more professional, practical, human-safe solution for different industries to go through the hard time during the epidemic.




Medical centre

Epidemic prevention couldn't be careless, especially in places like hospitals and medical centres where require a very high standard of cleanliness. Using germicidal AISLE can significantly reduce the chance of letting people that are infected to pass.

What make us stands out?


Foresight Leader

Among many sterilizing services in the market, we are the first to combine Far-UVC germicidal technology with conventional disinfection solutions, creating an alternative that is much more effective and safe, to fight against the pandemic.

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Safer and Superior

Compare to a typical sanitation solution (require frontline workers to approach every single individual to measure body temperature, wiping the area every few hours etc.) the germicidal AISLE reduces the risk of contact and the work that needs to be put in.


Time saving

Conventional disinfection gateway normally takes up to 30+ sec for each individual person to be fully disinfected, but with the Far-UVC irradiation included it can be done within 10 sec, and still be able to get the same result if not better.

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Easy to install

The germicidal AISLE is designed can be easily assembled by following the installation guide, you can also download it from Here
We also provide installation service if needed, but we recommend to build it by yourself for a better understanding of the machine.


Basic version of germicidal series, able to handle most of the situation.
reference: average 6 person/min

corridor front.jpg
corridor back.jpg
asile front.jpg
asile back.jpg


Advanced version of the corridor, designed for handle crowded place

reference: average 10 person/min

The preemptive opportunity you should take

It’s believed to be the best weapon to fight against the coronavirus and able to stop the spread of pandemic in the future.

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