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Next generation sterilising solution


Active chlorine can quickly kill microbial pathogens in contact with it. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating, and suitable for sanitation and disinfection.

It is characterised by broad sterilisation spectrum, strong killing power, high safety, and good environmental protection. It is recognised as the safest chlorine-containing disinfectant in the world.

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Germs, viruses & bacteria such as:









and more...


Food-grade disinfectant, non-alcoholic, the first and only (IHO) certified chlorine based disinfectant. 

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High stability, Low deterioration
 Hypochlorous acid can easily degraded and cause toxicity. But with ecodis stabilization technology, it can remains effective and non-toxic for at least one year after opening the lid.


Highly effective
Combines hypochlorous acid and electric potential sterilization. Ecodis has doubled the sterilization performance of hypochlorous acid at the same concentration.


No bleaching effect
Unlike sodium hypochlorite, ecodis is a alkalescent solution, no residue and no side effects.

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ecodis pro

Secret formulation achieved by professional

ecodis is recognised as the best chlorine disinfectant in the world by its uniqueness. Our technical formulation makes it the only disinfectant which can be transparent, colorless and odorless, but also managed to reaches 900ppm concentration at the same time. Apart from that, the PH value is stabilised between 8.0-8.4 and able to stored for 1-2 years normally.
  Other similar products are currently unable to achieve such stability and high purity, they are easy to deteriorate and produce toxicity.

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Electrolytical ionized water +
Activated Chloride

the 1st step is to remove the biofilm;
the 2nd step is to destroy the bacterial cell wall and virus mantle;
the 3rd step , Destroy the internal tissues, thereby continuously and effectively killing pathogenic microorganisms and eliminating odors.

The patented formula of ecodis combines the advantages of effective chlorine sterilization and oxidation-reduction potential sterilization through a fast and thorough three-step sterilization method:


Made in Germany

The ecodis disinfectant independently developed by Germany has a unique patented formula and pH value, which ensures the stability of the disinfectant and the efficiency of disinfection.


Top of the league

ecodis has a outstanding performance compare to the rest of the other disinfection products you can find, in terms of effectiveness, wide range of usabilities, safety issue and many other different aspects.

Hotel Room

For surface disinfection in rooms and air conditioning systems or improve air hygiene, the ecodis pro mostly use with humidifier/Atomiser to improve indoor air hygiene. 

Recommended Applcation 

Indoor Air Hygiene

  • Hotel room

  • Airbnb

  • School dormitory

  • Hospital

  • Any air condition system

Effective but also gentle to your skin

Unlike other typical disinfectant (e.g 70% ethanol) ecodis doesn't stimulate human and pets skins, it's completely safe to use even for baby. On the contrary, ecodis could sooth allergy skins, and doesn't hurt when apply on wound.


Ecodis can be use as table/floor cleaner for daily household duties, as well as hand sanitiser, electricities cleaner and many other disinfection applications, all because of its stable ph value and mild attribute.

Food-Grade Ingredients

Ecodis is the safest disinfection solution you'll ever sees, it's the only disinfectant can be use externally as well as internally, there's no other competitor able to achieve such effectiveness and safety in the current world.

Mother Holding Baby Finger
Cleaning the Floor
Test Tubes

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on all ecodis products

What's the purpose of having an effective disinfection product if it's not affordable? it's a fight of our lives, the most effective way to deal with the pandemic is to do it together.
We believe when everyone have the right tools and knowledge that can actually protect themselves from viruses, there'll be no room for the viruses to hide.

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