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World's-first "Cleanest & Safest Cinema" 222DAY

ERGO Healthtech held the world’s first cleanest and safest film screening event on 22nd February 2023, celebrating this unprecedented “SAFEST CINEMA” with the most popular movie in Hong Kong - “A Guilty Conscience” in PREMIERE ELEMENTS, which broke the box office Hong Kong record.

Everyone in the cinema held their X ONE, the world’s smallest, most lightweight, and the best effective human-safe 222nm Far-UVC in its class. Shimmery purple lights signify that people’s germ-free walls have been built, together creating the historical and revolutionary “SAFEST CINEMA” never before.

Hundreds of X ONE users were demanding a CLEAN & SAFE environment for watching movies. Here we are! We, made it happen!

Once again! We made another FIRST in the world - the CLEANEST & SAFEST screening event in HONG KONG for a special day 222. Hundreds of X ONE, the world’s smallest human-safe 222nm Far-UVC were lit up as a shield to cover the entire cinema for the best personal hygiene protection in history.

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